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Torsten Schuppe
Vice President Marketing⎪Google

Eric Haddad
Director Google Cloud⎪Google

Stéphane Feuillebois
Senior Partnership Manager⎪Amazon

Benoit Dubief
EMEA Account Manager⎪Facebook

Eugénie Rives
General Manager Robotics⎪Google X

Yann Calvez
General Manager Worldwide Category Management⎪Microsoft

Thomas Gayno
Director of Product Management⎪Spotify

Zukui Hu
EMEA Head of Sales⎪Tesla

Benjamin Cléry-Melin
Marketing Director⎪Netflix

Laurent Burel
EMEA Head of Consumer Marketing⎪PayPal

Christine Jolly
Head of Agency and Channel⎪LinkedIn

Julie Touyarot
Head of Marketing⎪Uber

Benjamin Belais
General Manager France & Switzerland⎪Revolut

Olivier Coros
Strategy & Business Development Manager⎪Apple

Romain Boyer
Head of Key Accounts⎪Twitter

Esther Porte
Product Marketing Manager⎪Uber

Lucas Brockmeier
Brand Specialist⎪Amazon

François Ventura
Financial Analyst⎪Amazon

Chloé Gautheron
Area Manager⎪Amazon

Romain de Beaufort
Vendor Manager⎪Amazon

Olivia Hayot
Product Manager⎪Amazon

Jean Peltier
Area Manager⎪Amazon

Paul Quesney
Area Manager⎪Amazon

Minh-Thi Pham
Financial Analyst⎪Amazon

Jean-Xia Chou
Delivery Experience Analyst⎪Amazon

Côme de Fougeroux
CRM Manager⎪Blablacar

Fanny Fournier
Data Analyst⎪Criteo

Coline Malaise
Account Strategist⎪Criteo

Youssef Dehhaoui
Operations Manager⎪Deliveroo

Lexane Sirac
Localization Editor⎪Facebook

Mehdi Sellami
Business Development Manager⎪Google

Farah Rouissi
Sales Strategy Analyst⎪Google

Thibaut Lasfargues
Account Strategist⎪Google

Marie Fejan
Pixel Brand Product Manager⎪Google

Emile Guillemot
B2B Product Marketing⎪Google

Samuel Schoukroun
Account Strategist⎪Google

Violaine Guionie
Solution Specialist⎪Microsoft

Bastien Bouillon
Account Executive⎪Salesforce

Gauthier Ginisty
Product Marketing Specialist⎪Salesforce

Joséphine Geeraert
Portfolio Success Manager⎪Salesforce

Noémie Lesourd
Business Analyst⎪Salesforce

David Carasso
Marketing Operations & Strategy⎪Salesforce

Emeric Henon
Launcher Jump Bikes & Scooters⎪Uber

Boris Offredo
Operations Coordinator⎪Uber

Pauline Mottet
Product Marketing Manager⎪Uber